Outward peace is useless without inner peace – Mahatma Gandhi

We can foster peace in our neighbourhood through small activities.

We can make an effective start by encouraging children to organize small shows of songs, dance, drama, recitations etc and then reach out to adults.

Instead of holding competitions we can hold evenings of sharing music, poetry storytelling.

Having an art exhibition in the neighbourhood such as our housing society will encourage many artists (especially housewives who may be shy) to share their magnificence.

Simple activities such as forming groups from within the neighbourhood to attend an art exhibit will build friendships which is vital in the present times of polarization.

The creative arts have a magic that can build bridges among people irrespective of caste creed, religion or gender.

As we plan our next creative venture, let us meditate on our inner stillness, sittingin the Shanti Mudra, listening to the sounds of AUM within our being.

Let us also acknowledge and accept in this beautiful moment of satori that joy and peace are doable.